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WapcamServer: the core element of WapcamSuite

The WapcamServer program is the core element of the service. It enables Wapcam without the needs of an other client or 3rd party program else than a web or wap browser (which are included in every computer or phone).

Find out why WapcamServer is the program you missed for so long...



WapcamServer is able to run any working USB webcam. Nowadays, it is as difficult as plug you webcam in your PC to have it running.

You only need to have your USB-webcam plugged in your pc.

No program installation is required, WapcamServer is fully independent and enables you to enjoy the possibilities of having direct access to your webcam, via the world wide web.


Benefit from the functionnalities of your webcam!

With WapcamServer you can customize the way you webcam gets captures. Indeed, webcams offer different capture modes according to your willing of high-quality shots or low-resolution images.

When using a WapcamPowered handset, you may prefer a low-res capture because of device’s limited download-capacities, screen size and price.

Are you at the office? You may prefer have a full size to keep an eye on your belongings.


Customize your webserver

Is your pc connected to a router or protected by a firewall for security issues? WapCam does not require to disable virus protection, so you do not have to put your own pc at risk when trying to protect your home.

Indeed, WapcamServer offers you the possibility to choose and configure the required port. You just need toconfigure the firewall/router to open/redirect incoming request to the designated machine port.


Resolve Network Issues with FTP

If you are behind a firewall or router, if you are not a network expert, if you don't want to spend much time trying to retrieve imeages from your camera, simply use the FTP feature. This is as easy as it sounds !

Indeed, every Internet Provider - whether broadband or 56k offer their customers to host their personnal webpages. Why don't you let WapcamServer create a webpage for you, on which you get access to your camera?

You just need to enter your account parameters in WapcamServer, and the program does the rest: it will send the snapshot to the specified adress and to make it very easy, will upload in the same tine a webpage with an autorefresh feature. Just open the page with your browser, you don't even need to push the refresh button !!!


Motion Detection

Motion detection warns you if something happens before its lens. You can configure WapcamServer to Alert you by email, but also to join the pictures involved as attachment, or to send them on an FTP. Of course, you can store them on your computer.

Motion detection computes two following frames pixel by pixel. For a single pixel, if the difference between the new one and the old one is bigger than the sensibility, this pixel will be marked. If the number of marked pixels exceeds the threshold number, an alert is automatically sent.


Several improvements are still being developped such as:

  • Webcam Streaming Server
  • Media file Streaming
  • Improvement of the accounting system

  • Skynitz - 2007 - contact


    Webcam provided by WapcamServer

    WapcamServer is currently down.

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