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Wapcam goes mobile with WapcamLet1.2

    WapcamLet is a Java/MIDP program that connects to your WapcamServer, and retrieves the images live from your camera.
    It should work on mobile phones, PDA, smartphones provided your terminal has a Java machine (which is mostly the case nowadays). You will have to use network resource like for GPRS/EDGE, 3G, Wifi in order to connect to the internet. That connection may be non free according to your operator.

    To install Wapcamlet, just go to the following adress with your wap browser:
    and go to the download page.

    You can also directly download the file to your desktop with the following links (e.g. for cable installation)):
    Download JAD file

    This should begin the installation of the program. Click 'Yes' every time you are asked.

    If you ever experience problem downloading the JAD file, you may try to download the JAR file directly. This file contains the program:
    Download JAR file

Discover the WapcamServer 1.4.1

    WapcamServer 1.4.1 is out NOW !!!
    It has now a streaming server incorporated which lets you watch your webcam in motion. In addition, the other features have been enhanced and are easier to use: make your webcam accessible on the web and get rid of network issues.

    As you were previously able to download personal files, you will now be able to watch or listen to live streams directly from your multimedia files.


    Remark: Three releases are provided to you according your configuration (even though Java is platform independant). JMF performance pack are completly integrated within the Windows and Linux versions and it is no longer necessary to perform two installations. The crossplatform version contains only pure Java distribution.

    Windows users

    WapcamServer 1.4.1 : complete installation
    Download WapcamServer 1.4.1 for Windows users

    Other users: Linux, Unix, ...

    Download WapcamServer 1.4.1 : complete installation
    Download WapcamServer 1.4.1 for Linux users

    Crossplatform Vesrion: Pure Java

    Download WapcamServer 1.4.1 : complete installation
    Download WapcamServer 1.4.1 Crossplatform


Other useful link

    Some older computers might not have the Java Platform integrated into their system. WapcamServer requires version J2SE 1.4 or greater (mandatory)
    No need to install all packages, the JRE is enough (JDK is not necessary)
    Go to Sun Download Page

    Check the JMF library from Sun's website
    JMF site at Sun Microsystem

Skynitz - 2007 - contact


Webcam provided by WapcamServer

WapcamServer is currently down.

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  • 2008-08-18:WapcamLet1.3 is released now: The new version is out: it allows you to monitor up to 4 cameras at the same time. Check it on the blog and on the new website

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