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The incredible capabilities of the WapcamSuite

WapcamSuite is based on two logical parts. Indeed, there is the camera filming and you who would like to know what it sees.

    the server-side, which controls your webcam and makes it accessible over the Internet

    clients are used to retrieve images: This service works with all the system existings.


Client Side

    access your webcam from wherever in the world , wired or not

    as simple as to use a web browser

    connect with a specific client dedicated to your device


    The advantage of Wapcam is that you can use it with all sorts of clients: you just need to be linked to the internet.

    The Client side is still in development, although are main goal is to be able to view images on handsets; our teams work hard on it and they will soon deliver the first J2ME application.

Wapcam phone J2ME client: WapcamLet is released.
Check the Wap page


Server Side

    access Wapcam from all around the globe

    share it with your friends

    customize network parameters following YOUR configuration

    add your own look-and-feel to deliver personal web pages


    Wapcam Server is fully configurable: you can serve snapshots as well as a complete website following your wishes.

    Wapcam Server adapts itself to your network to resolve firewall and router problems.

Discover WapcamServer>>


Discover the benefit of using JAVA !

    Java is a free langage developped by Sun Microsystem, for creating platform-independant programs. When the program you creates in Java runs on a specific target platform, it will work on any other platform.
    Once declared too slow because of its conception (using a virtual machine), today's PC are so performing that this remark is no longer in order. And even so, WapcamServer uses so little system resources that you won't even notice it is working.
    Java is running on Windows 9x. NT. 2K. XP., Unixes but also on mobile phones (known as J2ME for standard phones and DOJA for iMode™), PDAs (PalmOS, Windows Mobile and SymbianOS). If your fridge had an operating system, it surely embeds JAVA.

Download Java for your computer

What does JMF technology stand for?

    JMF is a library that extends the possibility of JAVA regarding media. As such, JMF is the module that helps control the webcam .
    You need JMF to be able to run WapcamServer. JMF, such as JAVA exists for Windows platform and Unixes.

Download JMF for your computer


Skynitz - 2007 - contact


Webcam provided by WapcamServer

WapcamServer is currently down.

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  • 2008-08-18:WapcamLet1.3 is released now: The new version is out: it allows you to monitor up to 4 cameras at the same time. Check it on the blog and on the new website

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