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Wapcam's FAQ: Find the answer to your question !!!

This is your FAQ where you can find information about possible issues related to the Wapcam technology. So Far, we did not experience major bugs, but don't hesitate to report any bug or comment. Please see our contact section.

Just pick the question that fits your problem. Sometimes, it may be useful to read the answers in order to prevent from future issues. If your problem does not appear in the list, nor element approaches your problem, then you can email us, and maybe your question will be published on this FAQ.


Questions about the program: WapcamServer


Question about the wapcam service

Question about the FTP service




About the WapcamServer program

This is a normal behaviour since a .JAR file is a compressed file such as .ZIP or .RAR . You need to tell (windozs I assume) which program to run when launching WapcamServer. There are many ways to achieve that. The easiest way is to right-click on the program's icon and click on "open with..."; then choose or browse for "javaw" (in the java/bin directory).


WapcamServer does not access directly your computer resources. Thus, such as Java, you need to have it done by the Java Media Framework manager.
In the start panel, choose JMF subfolder, then JMF Registry:

Then, just press "Detect Capture Device"; once it is done, press "Init" in WapcamServer and your device list will be populatr device information.
This will be integrated directly in the next release of WapcamServer



Question about the wapcam service

There are several ways in order to access your webcam, this depends of your network architecture.
First ensure that you have launched the camera service, then the webserver itself. Take care that the webserver may interfere with some other running programs. For example, if you use the port 80, this is a normal port used for web servers; thus if you use IIS or other Apache servers, be careful. Some other programs use port 80 to resolve network issues, such as Skype or else...

Once WapcamServer is running, launch a web-browser with this adress:

Now to gain access from the Internet:

You need to know your public IP and to set your server in the DMZ of your network or setup a redirection on your machine for this port on your router/firewall.
You can now access with :

  • direct public IP access, style: http://YOR.OWN.IP.ADR/wapcam/shot/
  • if you posess a domain name or similar(e.g. ),
  • top

    Basically, the principe explained above remains unchanged. If your phone (or PDA) has internet browsing capabilities, you should read thoses.
    Just put the internet adress of the service in your wap browser.

    A more convenient way to accede to YOUR WapcamServer is to use the Wapcam application for mobile device. Written in J2ME (Java for mobile), it will be soon available. Check out often.


    Question about the FTP service

    Many people amongst us are not network experts. Still they have little experience setting up their own private website. Nowadays, every internet provider, whether broadband or modem, gives some room for their clients in order to host their webpages, which is in general free. This is that service that we want to exploit.

    It may indeed be complicated for many people whose camera are behind a router or a firewall at home to configure their equipement, i.e. port and adress redirection. If your camera is at your work's network, there is no way that admins open such a hole in their network. The FTP service gains profit of your public space on the net, so that with a minimal configuration, you can retrieve your images from wherever on the web.

    Finally, the gain of time of time and work is huge:

  • No network equipment configuration
  • Snapshots accessible directly from the web
  • Profit from the html page generation: no user interaction is required anymore
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    Let us suppose that you access your webpages with this adress: .
    In the case of Free, the ftp server's adress is .
    From the root directory, you want to access you snapshot in the "/shot" directory. Thus, the adress to access your snapshot will be:

    In the main panel, if you enable the HTML auto-refresh page, you can also retrieve a webpage, refreshing automatically; this way, just open your webbrowser, you won't have anything more to do, the image display is automatically refreshed.
    This page is accessible at : or If you ever change your configuration parameters, such as the directory for example, a new page is created with up-to-date informations.


    If you are behind a proxy server (mostly at work), you can enable the proxy support, either the HTTP proxy protocol or the SOCKS4 protocol.
    Ask your network admin for the configuration.


    Skynitz - 2007 - contact


    Webcam provided by WapcamServer

    WapcamServer is currently down.

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