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Transform your webcam into a real IP-Cam:
Remote access, web publishing and motion detection, all you need is to try it !

With Wapcam, keep an eye on:

    your kid's babysitter

    an adulterous wife

    a cute but destructive puppy

    your cleaning lading's mopping qualities

    in short: all your precious belongings

    Do you feel the need to watch over your place while being miles away? WapCam provides you the absolute solution: thanks to the application and byusing WAP-services, you can activate your pc-webcam, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Check it out!>>


    access Wapcam from all around the globe

    Publish your camera on your website

    customize network parameters following YOUR configuration

    be instantly warned by email


    Wapcam Server is fully configurable: you can serve raw images as well as a complete website to your taste.

    Wapcam Server adapts itself to your network to resolve firewall and router problems.

    Don't spend your time watching over your home; Wapcam tells you when something happens.

And many more!>>


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    Wapcam in action: take a look at the screenshots !!!

    Questions, Problems: consult the FAQ

    take a look to the further features to come.

    Try Wapcam now: go to the download page for free


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